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What a Weekend!

What a Weekend at Oulton Park Circuit! The Bennetts British Super Bike event was a roaring success, and Ardent Aviation is proud to have been a part of the excitement as sponsors of the DAO Racing team.

Our CEO, Pete Gunson, shares a deep passion for motor racing, and this enthusiasm seamlessly translates into his dedication to the technical intricacies of the aeronautical industry. Just as precision, quality, and safety are paramount on the racetrack at speeds exceeding 100 MPH, they are equally indispensable in the aviation sector.

The collaboration with DAO Racing underscores our shared values of precision, quality production, safety, and superior workmanship. It's a natural fit for Ardent Aviation, where we prioritize excellence in every endeavor.

Pete is excited to draw inspiration from the exemplary teamwork demonstrated by the DAO Racing team and integrate it into our already exceptional team at Ardent Aviation. Together, we're poised to soar to new heights, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and teamwork.

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